About Us

B.O.B originally was designed to be a directory for black business owners. It was formed in 2018 by Krissi Judd after not being able to find any black businesses for the services she needed. She often found herself going on social media and requesting people to suggest black businesses in her area. Once she did find a business, she was often met with negative attitudes and poor customer service. This is a story she was all too familiar with. So, she decided to do something about it. Krissi has over 18 years of customer service training and felt the need to teach black businesses how customer service directly affects their bottom line, which EQUALS your profits!  

Krissi could not find any directories that provided a way to search for and contact black businesses in her area. That is when B.O.B was born. With technology moving so fast, she knew she wanted to build an app for her idea. Krissi went on a search to find someone to build the app. She tried a few different expensive options that did not quite provide what she needed at a price she could afford. Then one day, while perusing social media, Krissi came across a company by the name of QuestStone. They are a technology development organization run by young black men!! She knew at first sight that she had found the organization that would build her app. 3 years and plenty of sweat and tears later, the FindBOBs app was created. We are proud to say that the FindBOBs app can be downloaded on the Apple and Google Play store.  

FindBOBs is so much more than just a directory. As a business owner, you can directly connect with your customers, receive customized suggestions for other black businesses that you may need for your line of work, be able to receive payments directly from the app, business development services, receive free customer service tips that could boost your profit margin and so much more!  

As a customer, you can directly connect with businesses, user-friendly business search feature by simply putting in your zip code or city and state, super easy registration process, being able to pay black businesses directly from the app, world-class customer support if you are not satisfied, and much much more! 

Together we will become the largest, best, e-commerce site in the world for BLACK businesses. We need every black business in our country to create Herstory by being a part of the first black e-commerce app. We’ll see you in the app! Happy Creating!  



The FindBOBs Team

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